The Company
These cakes are known for their exquisite flavor and unique design. All made from scratch, never frozen, you can choose from a wide variety of flavors.
We specialize in hand made sugar flowers and individual cake design created one-on-one in collaboration with the customer. Our cakes are not mass-produced and each one is an individual work of edible art. You and your friends will appreciate the difference!
Delivery is available in metro Detroit area for a fee.
I will personally deliver and set up each cake. This is a very important step and I will not trust anyone else to take care of it.
The final cost of the cake will be determined by the design itself. To accommodate your budget, we offer sheet cakes to supplement the wedding cake.
Kosher available.

Gisha Pucheta is the founder and owner of Edible Art by Gisha LLC. Gisha was born and raised in Argentina, where her family had a strong interest in the culinary arts. In her mother's kitchen, she learned to prepare various recipes based on her Italian, Spanish and Argentine heritage. By the time Gisha reached seventh grade, she had won a local baking competition. While she was earning her degree in Public Accounting, she always continued to take sugar artistry classes for fun. In 1990, Gisha relocated to Michigan in the United States. Here, she attended a party and brought a cake of her own design that was the "hit of the party". She found that her cake was a delicious novelty here, and that few bakers here were using fondant, sugar paste, pastillage and some of the Australian techniques with which she was familiar. As a result of that party, she found an outlet for her passion for designing, baking and decorating ...and Edible Art business was launched